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Western Cape Hunting areas offer infinite variety; from Mountain Fynbos to Coastal Renosterveld; Spekboom Thickets to Grassy Fynbos; Succulent Karroo to Mountainous Valleys.

Stalking in these areas is extremely challenging. The numerous game birds and waterfowl will give your position away at any moment. You will experience the extraordinary ability of game to sense an intruder in their midst. Ostrich have an uncanny knack of spotting an interloper miles away, and will hurtle straight towards the hunted quarry. With a flick of a tail and crashing sound, your target will disappear through bush, over a mountain, into a dense valley.

Hear the early morning call of a Grey Wing partridge or the bark of a male Baboon, all these forge a lifetime of memories as you appreciate nature at its best.

Rifle Hunting

The Hunting we undertake is ethical walk and stalk. Our emphasis is on the experience and thrill of a proper stalk, rather than the shot itself. Occasionally, it may be necessary to drive significant distances, to locate certain species, but once within that vicinity, stalking on foot will commence. Your trophy, earned in this way, will never be forgotten.

Shots are taken between 100m-250 m. particularly within in the rugged Western Cape areas. We encourage you strongly to practice shooting from sticks or a bipod, and advise that a certain level of fitness is required.

Hunting options and guided stalks are tailor-made to your requirements. Clients select their own species of game.

We pride ourselves on sustainable conservation and respect for the quarry. We trust that our clients have the same sense of ethical and conservational responsibility.

Bow Hunting

Specialised Bow hunts on certain species are achievable.

An ideal time for bow hunting Fallow Deer Stags, is during and soon after the rut, between June and August. The sound of Stags roaring and rattling their antlers is exhilarating and somewhat poetic.

Specialised walk and stalk bow hunts of Bontebok, can be arranged within areas of suitable vegetation and terrain.

Bow hunting requires enormous patience and physical fitness. Animals are not fenced and hunters must be able to take an accurate shot up to 60m.

Your trophy is only a part of the Safari. Our emphasis is on the enjoyment of being close to nature and true wildness. To share this with a fellow man is a lifetime opportunity.

  • Valid Passport (6 months from day of entry) with at least 2 blank pages
  • Unabridged Birth Certificates for under 16's
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • 2 pairs of dark khaki / trousers
  • 2 dark khaki, olive, or brown long sleeved shirts
  • 4 pair's thick hiking socks
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Warm jacket
  • Sun block
  • Hat or cap in Dark olive/ earth colour
  • Rifle or Bow
  • Ammunition and Pocket knife
  • Rifle cleaning kit
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Prescribed medication
  • Tick repellent
  • Electricity currency converter (South Africa uses 220volts)