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Experience the Western Cape on foot.

I am blown away by the Journey you took my father and uncle on..My father only said good things about you. he said it wasnt just arriving at a venue and hunting a animal, it was a Journey that you took them on. I love that you made this such an amazing experience for him, being his first time he was so nervous and excited, he told me you took him through everything, explained everything thoroughly to him, you made him feel so comfortable. Even the goodies the snacks the food, he was raving about it and was saying it was so delicious.

Ashlee van der Zandt 2017
Cape Town

We really enjoyed and great thanks to you for warm hospitality and unforgettable hunting experience. It was unforgettable, indeed.

Alexey Shilykovsky PhD
Sales Operations Director
Jaguar and Landrover
Russia Moscow

Thank you very much for the introduction to James Lawson-Smith.
It was an absolute honour to have met this competent individual.
I had both my knees replaced six weeks prior to this event so it was my son's opportunity to hunt with James. My wife and I will get our turn next year.
They were fortunate to get a beaut of a Valie. It's right horn measured 10 3/8 inches and the left horn measured 8 1/2 inches to the point where it was broken off.
Our son had a successful 2016 with a good barbary sheep, a good hippo and now this Vaal Rhebuck to top it all.
This one was an experience of a lifetime that will be with us forever.

Bert Engelbrecht

Hey James,
Thanks for an awesome time once again!

27871 Williams canyon road,
California, 92676, USA
Matt Lawson:

You are a gracious host and a fine hunting guide. Thank you for your patience in putting up with my relative lack of mobility. That said, you did not run off and leave me and we became a team. I feel privileged to have hunted with you! You are very fine mentor and you ability to communicate a strategy helped me to hunt and stalk a very special little antelope.

Raymond Paolucci

Once again a great thank you for the two days we spent with you hunting. It was a fantastic two days, exciting, successful and it created an appetite for coming back to hunt in Africa. The whole setting with the landscape, the wildlife and the way of hunting is so different to what we are used to here in Europe. So that was great to experience and thank you for that.

Wenzel Lobkowicz Lobkowicz
Sprava Lobkowiczkeho Majetku
Drahenice 1, 26285 DRAHENICE, Ceska Republika