The kudu is the grandest of the spiral-horned antelope that can be hunted in South Africa. A greater kudu hunted in South Africa.

Trophy Hunting - Hunting kudu remains top of the list for everyone hunting in Africa.

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There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting the Kudu in South Africa, which makes it a suitable trophy year-round.
The best months for hunting Kudu in South Africa are April and May when the animals have the rut, and September to October when the bush is most open.

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How hard is it to hunt kudu?

Hunting kudu can be extremely challenging, as the 'ghost' is very sly and extremely elusive with exceptional senses. Look for spoor around pans and water holes as he drinks regularly and will never be far from water. ... Hunting kudu with less than 7mm or. 270 caliber rifles would not be recommended.

The greater kudu is a woodland antelope found throughout eastern and southern Africa. Despite occupying such widespread territory, they are sparsely populated in most areas due to declining habitat, deforestation, and poaching.


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Hunting Safaris in South Africa and around Cape Town are personalised to suit your individual requirements. You may be a discerning collector of trophy animals or a hunter wanting to share the full safari experience with your family. Each and every safari is different, and I make every effort to fulfill your dreams.

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Hunting In Namibia


Spotting and Stalking a Huge Kudu Bull as we weaves his way through the scrub as you catch glimpses of his long Spiralled horns protruding through the tops of Bush is an experience that will not be forgotten.  Listen to the call of the Black backed Jackal and the nightjar or all most Typical sounds of Africa

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Wing Shooting Safari


World Class Pigeon Shooting - (Argentina in South Africa) - Shooting takes place over sunflower and sorghum and Millet fields. The best time for the shooting is mid-April to Mid June, which is before and during the harvest of the crops. The Birds fly throughout the day at varying heights.

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